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Fellas, Is It Okay To Not Feel Aesthetic Sometimes?

Fellas, Is It Okay To Not Feel Aesthetic Sometimes?

Do you think you can... truly feel happy? Have you ever felt it? Wild, sweet smelling cherry blossoms around you and reasonably paced wind on your face while walking through the fabric of space and time.... Pure bliss. And yet, you're unaware of how amazing you really are, you doubt yourself at every step and phase of your life... You feel you're not... aesthetic. Is that true? Does that ever happen to you?


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Let me tell you something. That's totally normal. For a second, I want you to forget about Iced Tea Aesthetics and their aesthetic anime streetwear. It's just you and me. I know you feel pain. What kind of pain is it? Are you not loving yourself enough? Are you in love with your best friend and they don't see you that way? Do you miss your childhood and want to go back in time? Are things not working out the way they're supposed to for you? Lost your job to the pandemic? I just want to ask you if you are really just doing okay...


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I want you to know that everything is gonna be alright. How? I just know. Don't question me. And don't question yourself. I'm here to tell you that it's okay to not feel aesthetic sometimes. You know why? Because you need time to recover. Everyone needs that. You need to start believing in yourself, trusting yourself. Get yourself up, build strength, confidence and love, deep inside your soul. Don't worry about the goddamn aesthetic. We got your back on that one. You just have to concentrate on feeling better and healthier. After all, what good is an aesthetic if you're not truly happy?

See you on the other side.


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