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Top 5 Underrated Pixel Art Games

Top 5 Underrated Pixel Art Games

Welcome, traveler. You didn't stumble upon this, did you now? No, you didn't. You love pixel art as much as we do here at Iced Tea. Pixels are... beautiful. And when you combine them, you get something even better. But not too many, because that's a lot of visual quality. We need a balance. What the hell am I typing? Yeah... how about we just move on with the Top 5 underrated pixel art games in our opinion...

1. Enter The Gungeon


This fast paced dungeon dodge-roll game is a MUST if you wanna experience some REAL shit. Dark, gritty, heavily punishing and equally rewarding, Enter The Gungeon is just a great game that has everything - a badass OST, great gameplay and replayability, a nice story and last, but not the least, GUNS. Go wild!

2. Crypt of the NecroDancer


Another underrated game, rogue-like and progressive levels - dance and music... What else do you even need? Cute pixel art and really chill music makes this a great combo and good game to have.

3. Risk of Rain Franchise


Developed by just 2 nerdy college students initially, it was picked up by a Kickstarter campaign and it is a great purchase if you're into platformers - and aliens. As the sole survivor of a ship crash, you're stranded on an unknown planet. Fight monsters, collect items that boost your abilities and choose how you want to move forward - offensively or just good ol' defense.

4. Hyper Light Drifter


Epic action RPG game featuring some mind-blowing pixel art, this is a game with a story that's personal to the developer - and needs to be checked out. It has some of the best elements of The Legend of Zelda, which makes it an even more enjoyable experience!

5. Into The Breach


Turn based strategy game + breathtaking pixel art. What do you get? Into the Breach. Reminds us of the Megaman days... Oh, those were the times... Gameboy Advance SP and blowing on cartridges... N O S T A L G I A


Well, that's it for our list this time, come back soon and we'll have something else for ya! ;) Meanwhile, don't forget to check out our latest Attack on Titan drop, it's something you DEFINITELY wanna get.

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